What Does It Have To Do With GOD?

Tonight’s bible study topic is ringing loudly in my ears. In fact it is so loud that I feel compelled to share it with you.

John 2:1-5

2 On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

“Woman,[a] why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

I know that this is a familiar passage of scripture for a lot of us, after all it is Jesus’s first miracle. But the light was shed on his response to his mother. I am sure that we can go into an in depth conversation on the way that he addressed her, but that is not where I am going here. I want us to look at his question to her…

“Woman,[a] why do you involve me?”

This is a question that we all need to ask on a frequent basis. Why do we involve Jesus in our lives? Better yet, do we involve him in our lives?

I forget which translation our teacher was reading from but it read “What does this have to do with me?”  As he elaborated he shed the light on our motives behind our requests. Are we requesting God’s action for our own gain or is it for kingdom advancement?

Every move that Jesus made was strategic and purposeful. He had a reason to do everything that he did and he did all that he did simply for the glory of God and not for self gain. After all, he was going to die so what profit it him?

Today I challenge us with the question What does our request have to do with God and the advancement of his kingdom? 
Will the promotion he gives us better his kingdom or will it cause us to covet the material things of the world? If he blesses us with another child will we teach them to serve him? If he blesses us with a house, we will use it for his glory or will we treat it like prize possession and never use it to benefit his kingdom?  What does God stand to gain out of answering our requests?



Help us to continue to put you first in all that we do. Turn our ears to you so that we can clearly hear your strategies for our lives. Lead guide and direct us tell us what to do and we will obey. We want to be used for your glory Lord and not for self gain. Let our request be for the advancement of your kingdom and not our own human manipulations. Continue to show us ourselves in your word and help us develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with you daily….



It has been a long time since i sat down and just typed. Gosh how I miss these moments. I miss finding myself in the presence of the Lord for just a few moments of solitude when the house is still and its a blessed quietness around. The sounds of sleep lull me to think just how awesome God is. He is such a great comforter. He understands us all even when no one else does. He will always be there for us no matter what. When we feel all alone he is there wrapping us in his presence, healing us from all hurt and pain. There is nothing like running to him and just releasing. He said cast all our cares on him right? Right!!!!  How often do we do that? I can confess that I don’t do it often enough. How do we walk in perfect peace, by resting in him and giving him what he wants, control over our lives. LOL!!!!  Its not a bad thing at all its an awesome thing. I am learning to lose control more and more each day. I am learning to let go. To pray, not worry. Why pray because he said pray about everything. Nothing is too small for God. If it concerns you and even if it doesn’t. That’s what I love about him. Sometime people say forget it, don’t worry about it, get over it…God says bring it to me, let me minister to  you, let me heal you. cry about it, get it all out. Lay your head on in my lap. I am concerned about you. That is simply amazing. If God can provide for the sparrow, he definitely will take care of you. Lets spend more time leaning on him and listening for his voice for guidance and direction. He misses us and we miss him.


Lord, forgive me for not spending more one on one time with you. Thank you for giving me the chance to get it right with you tonight. Thank you for covering me in your grace and mercy. Thank you for protecting me and caring for me when I was to busy to even take a moment and breathe in your goodness. Where would I be if not for your grace Lord?  I am so glad that you desire to sit with me and talk. Its such an awesome feeling to have the attention of the Almighty God. Give me guidance, understanding and revelation of your word tonight. I know you have a great story to share with me and I am sure that you have cleaned the mirror for me to look in as well. Help me see areas in my life that can be improved. Reveal to me relationships that need to be mended and offenses that need to be forgiven. Place me back on the Potter’s wheel Lord for I am flawed. Thank you for your love and patience with me. Thank you for the new mercies daily. Thank you for friends and enemies, family and relationship….You are the only LIVING God!!! How great thou art!!!!



For Your Glory

This morning I woke up earlier than usual and I mean 3 hrs early. I woke with this song in my spirit….. For your glory – i will do anything – just to see you – to behold you as my king…..How many of us have this attitude? What are you willing to do to get to God?



Forgive me for not exhausting myself to be in your presence. Forgive me for having my dwelling place be in this world and not in your presence. You desire to walk with me and for me to walk with you habitually, Hear my hearts cry God and saturate me in your presence oh God….


For Your Glory – Tasha Cobbs



Sweet Bye-Bye

, SCover_small

Yesterday I decided to spend some time on my chaise lounge. You all know I love my chaise, it’s practically my “tent of meeting”, although I haven’t been on it in a while. None the less, I decided to rendezvous with it last night and pick up a good book (something else I had not done in a while).

I had picked up a few books on a store run the other day and one of my “finds” was
Sweet Bye-Bye by Denise Michelle Harris and I finished it in one night. It really ministered to me in several ways. I don’t want to tell the story because I want you all to read the book, however it talks about the masks that we all wear. How we are so busy trying to have it all together on the outside, that we forget to take care of the inside. When you get yourself together, the inside reflects on the outside. (This happens when the inside is not together as well. That is why we may look pretty and all dolled up but all people see is the hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, and ugliness that lay on the inside of us.) I found myself up until the wee hours of the morning reflecting on the inner me. Now I am not extremely flashy on the outside but I do love to play dress up. I found myself asking how much of the real me I had dressed up, and put makeup on. The question is how many masks was I wearing, not IF I was wearing one.

Okay, so maybe you are not a reader and the book would be too much, check out this short post written by Brandi Hawthorne that ministers on the same thing.

If you want to read the book you can find it on amazon or on at http://www.denisemichelleharris.com/


Organizing – My New Project

God is still dealing with me and discipline. I still have so many areas in my life that need to be brought into subjection. I am always reminded by the holy spirit that I have a job as a wife and a mother and that I need to make sure my house is in order as I do the will of the Lord. I am not sure what that means to you, but I take it literal. I look around my house daily and see areas that need to be improved upon. Recently I tackled my master closet as well as our coat closet. Earlier this year I focused on our kitchen and dining room. Currently I am working on the bedrooms and bathrooms. Its alot of work, but I am getting my house in order one room at a time.
Organizing it all is one thing, but keeping it is discipline. Do you know how hard it is to put something back in its place when you use it? And not just back in its place any kind of way, but back in the right way. Now that I have gotten some things in order, I have to maintain it.
I am not only organizing my house, but my life. I am working on getting my temple into shape. Its one thing to start a workout but a different story to finish it. Its hard work to lose the weight but its all out the door if you don’t maintain the lifestyle change right?
I am working on creating an all around lifestyle of organization, discipline, and maintenance. What are your new projects?

Are you Transferrable?

I have been challenged with the question “Are you Transferrable?” I had to really think about this one. Let me stop and explain the question….It stems from the story of Enoch. See he did not die. He spent so much time with God that God transferred him to heaven. Hence the question…..(Genesis 5:18-24, 1 Chronicles 1:3, Luke 3:37, Hebrews 11:5-6, Jude 1:14-15.)

My question is now how much time do we spend with God? Do we spend so much time with him that he takes us to be with him? He does not allow us to die but just transfers us to where he is, after all we spend all our time with him anyway.

It amazes me and challenges me. How much time am I actually spending with him, in his presence, walking with him, listening to him? When he looks at me, does he desire to have me with him? Does he desire to transfer me?

I want you to ask yourself the same thing. How long are we walking with God each day? I mean really walking with him? Being led by him? Doing whatever he tells us to do? Do we seek him out daily? How healthy is our personal relationships with God?