Why is it so hard to JUMP?  I have been presented with an awesome opportunity to do just that, JUMP, take the LEAP of faith, go after dreams and visions and desires. Nothing is holding you back but fear. Perfect love casts out fear and Jesus showed us his perfect love for us when he died upon the cross for our sins. I know all this, I believe all this, but for the life of me…aaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhh!

This has been me lately. I am tired of this being me. I can clearly hear the voice of God saying DO IT. Take the mountain, I am with you. I hear my support system saying “This is YOU!  Why haven’t we thought of this sooner”?! My heart is saying do it! I AM SAYING DO IT LOL!!!!

There is so much that God has in store for us, for you, for me, and I want it all. This is definitely the time to be greedy!  I mean he is limitless and infinite therefore there is enough of him to go around, and that is awesome!

Are you finding it hard to jump? Why? Leave your comments below!


Taking the leap to the other side,