On My Way to Better Days

I have had a very challenging week. I was slapped in the face with lies and all sorts of violations. My faith is being challenged on so many levels. This warfare is real!  Despite the loss of a job, a car, a significant income, a church, and maybe even a little bit of my mind, God is still faithful. I am able to sit here tonight in complete peace, complete trust and faith in him. There is so much security here. Even when I want to worry and stress, I can’t.  He has my back and i know that he is working this out for me. My status is changing. My husband is praying, my children are behaving. We are dreaming, we are listening, and we are waiting for instruction. If you were to look at our lives right now, we should be crazy, falling down and cursing GOD (now ain’t that CRAZY) but here we are laughing, smiling, and giving him total praise. I know I have not been here for a while but I am back. I feel that there is so much that God wants to say to me and I plan on sharing that with you. Get Ready, A download is coming!