It has been a long time since i sat down and just typed. Gosh how I miss these moments. I miss finding myself in the presence of the Lord for just a few moments of solitude when the house is still and its a blessed quietness around. The sounds of sleep lull me to think just how awesome God is. He is such a great comforter. He understands us all even when no one else does. He will always be there for us no matter what. When we feel all alone he is there wrapping us in his presence, healing us from all hurt and pain. There is nothing like running to him and just releasing. He said cast all our cares on him right? Right!!!!  How often do we do that? I can confess that I don’t do it often enough. How do we walk in perfect peace, by resting in him and giving him what he wants, control over our lives. LOL!!!!  Its not a bad thing at all its an awesome thing. I am learning to lose control more and more each day. I am learning to let go. To pray, not worry. Why pray because he said pray about everything. Nothing is too small for God. If it concerns you and even if it doesn’t. That’s what I love about him. Sometime people say forget it, don’t worry about it, get over it…God says bring it to me, let me minister to  you, let me heal you. cry about it, get it all out. Lay your head on in my lap. I am concerned about you. That is simply amazing. If God can provide for the sparrow, he definitely will take care of you. Lets spend more time leaning on him and listening for his voice for guidance and direction. He misses us and we miss him.


Lord, forgive me for not spending more one on one time with you. Thank you for giving me the chance to get it right with you tonight. Thank you for covering me in your grace and mercy. Thank you for protecting me and caring for me when I was to busy to even take a moment and breathe in your goodness. Where would I be if not for your grace Lord?  I am so glad that you desire to sit with me and talk. Its such an awesome feeling to have the attention of the Almighty God. Give me guidance, understanding and revelation of your word tonight. I know you have a great story to share with me and I am sure that you have cleaned the mirror for me to look in as well. Help me see areas in my life that can be improved. Reveal to me relationships that need to be mended and offenses that need to be forgiven. Place me back on the Potter’s wheel Lord for I am flawed. Thank you for your love and patience with me. Thank you for the new mercies daily. Thank you for friends and enemies, family and relationship….You are the only LIVING God!!! How great thou art!!!!