Organizing – My New Project

God is still dealing with me and discipline. I still have so many areas in my life that need to be brought into subjection. I am always reminded by the holy spirit that I have a job as a wife and a mother and that I need to make sure my house is in order as I do the will of the Lord. I am not sure what that means to you, but I take it literal. I look around my house daily and see areas that need to be improved upon. Recently I tackled my master closet as well as our coat closet. Earlier this year I focused on our kitchen and dining room. Currently I am working on the bedrooms and bathrooms. Its alot of work, but I am getting my house in order one room at a time.
Organizing it all is one thing, but keeping it is discipline. Do you know how hard it is to put something back in its place when you use it? And not just back in its place any kind of way, but back in the right way. Now that I have gotten some things in order, I have to maintain it.
I am not only organizing my house, but my life. I am working on getting my temple into shape. Its one thing to start a workout but a different story to finish it. Its hard work to lose the weight but its all out the door if you don’t maintain the lifestyle change right?
I am working on creating an all around lifestyle of organization, discipline, and maintenance. What are your new projects?


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