Walk on Water!

While sitting in Bible study one night, God spoke to me. It was very simple. He said ” Walk on Water.”  I immediately thought about Peter and how Jesus beckoned him to come out on the water. My friends, that beckon was not to get out of the boat alone, but to put all faith, trust and focus on Jesus.
The Boat is your safety net, your hedge of protection, the barrier that keeps you from being a part of your circumstances and situations. It takes faith to step out from among that which you are comfortable with and step into the unknown and unheard of.
Next, you have to trust. When you put your leg over that boat, you have to trust that the next thing you put your weight on will hold you up. Hmmmm. What do you step on? We know that water is fluid, you can’t step on it but you step in it. Unless you are in a specific device. Contraption, water won’t support your weight. Naturally, you will sink and if you are unable to swim, you will drown. Even if you are able to swim or stay afloat, how long can you do it? How much can you endure? How conditioned is your body?
You have to trust the word of God. God told you to do it, if her beckoned you to come, he won’t let you sink! He will perform a miracle! He will hold you up! Yes, even in the midst of that thing that has the potential to take you out. How does he hold you and support your weight? He is GOD!!!!! There is nothing to hard for him and everything is possible thru him. THRU HIM!!!!
Focus- keep your eyes on God. Remain obedient. Jesus told Jesus to come. He did not tell him to look around at his situation or circumstance. He did not tell him to observe the wind or the rain or even to stop and smell the flowers. He simply said Come! As long as Peter kept his focus on Jesus, he was able to walk on water. He was able to tread on top of the very thing that would have taken him had he not did it in GOD. And when he took his yes off God only for a second, the water began to consume him. He began to sink and had he not looked to Jesus the very thing he was walking on would have taken him under. But once again, God is faithful even when we are not and all we have to do is ask Jesus to save us, help us, pull us back into the safety of his arms and he comes running to us to love on us and rescue us again and again.

My friends, today I ask you to put your faith, your trust, and your focus on Jesus. Take him at his word. Be obedient. Try him! What do you have to loose? After all he lost his life for you.

Thank you Lord for loving us enough to die for us. Thank you for your grace and mercy that follows us. Thank you for having patience with us. We mess up numerous times, but you are so faithful that you still are there ready to pick us back up and dust us off and let us try again. Thank you for the boats Lord. We know that its you floating us over our problems and situations, protecting us and helping us. We thank you for maturity and growth, the motivation to get out of the boat and be more like you. To love like you love, hurt like you hurt, walk like you walk etc. Thank you for forgiveness when we loose sight of you and began to allow other things to take your place, wen we loose focus and became a part of the very thing that we should be treading upon and having dominion over. Lord you are so faithful and you are so good. Thank you for another chance to get it right. Help us to have faith in you, to trust you and take you at your word, and to keep our focus on you. We love you Lord!!!