Under Your Wing – FFF

I absolutely adore being a mother!  It is one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had. The best part is the unconditional love you receive from your child(ren). I love snuggling with my daughter. Its absolutely wonderful!  Yesterday she snuggled right up under my arm, then it hit me, shes covered under my wings. I am to protect her, lead her, guide her, nurture her. When she needs something, she looks to me!  Did that make your heart race a little?  Mine did!  I knew parenting was an awesome responsibility but I never thought of all the spiritual ramifications. 

Chldren under your wings aren’t needy all the time. Sometimes they are there to push you higher, to cause you to grow, mature, develop. They make you reach for gaols and benchmarks that you never would have looked at had they not been your motivation!  Look at us now, we are fasting for our children, for our future.

Children are alot of work and sacrifice, but they are also some of life’s greatest blessings.

Psalm 127: 3-5

Lo, children are a heritage of Jehovah; And the fruit of the womb is his reward.

4As arrows in the hand of a mighty man, So are the children of youth.

5Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: They shall not be put to shame, When they speak with their enemies in the gate.

Today, let’s thank God for the blessings of our children!!!  Let’s cover them in love and find some time today to spend with them letting them teach, minister to, and elevate us!!!!


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