Train, What is that? FFF

1. To condition or discipline

2. To trail behind

(paraphrased from Webster’s dictionary)

When I think of the word Train three images come to mind:

1. A railroad

2. A wedding dress

3. Football Camp

All 3 images have a train in the some form or fashion.  The first is your typical noun, an engine, a car, a caboose…a train.  An engine pulls the cars behind it. A train runs on tracks and a conductor drives it. Basically a train is a line of cars trailing behind one another on the track, in the direction that the track is laid.

A Wedding Dress…you know that long tail that drags behind….um yeah see definition 2.

Then there is the more used verb of train, to teach, discipline, condition.

The Bible says we are to train up a child (Definition 1)…in the way he should go…lead, guide, direct….be the engine, pull your children behind you, lay the track, show them what to do….so when they grow old, they will not depart from it.  They will stay on the track which has been laid. They will build on that foundation!!!


Yeah I know I added to the scriptures but that is how God revealed it to me!  We have a two part responsibility here, to condition, discipline, train and to be the example they will follow. 


Happy Parenting!!!!


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