Train up a child….FFF

Do you know your child’s calling? Who has God destined them to be in the world?  Our job as parents is to train them up in the way they should go….right? Well, how can we do that if we don’t know their direction?  This is deeper than just teaching them about and showing them Jesus, but training and raising them to operate in his kingdom. Now I am not saying go play church with them and teach them how to preach….unless that is what God has told you to do.

In all thy getting get and understanding (Prov 4:7), so let me explain.

If you are a swimmer, would you condition at baseball camp? Would a biker condition by putting together a computer network? Does a singer learn to sing practicing the art of Mime? Ok so maybe that is too specific, maybe God hasn’t revealed that much detail to you yet, and that is fine, at least know what kind of turf they should be on. For instance a fish belongs in the water, mammals belong on the land and a bird belongs in the air, not burrowing like a groundhog. Your job is to guide them onto the field that they should play on. When they get there, the coach can tell them what position to play. ( wink) I hope this makes sense because I desperately want us to grasp this. If you aren’t hearing or you are unsure, open your eyes and observe. What comes naturally to them? Are they great at dancing? Do they create their own songs? Are they always telling you a story they have made up? Do they run to see about a friends boo boo? Did they sit down at the drums one day and suddenly start rocking out beats? See it, discover it, and activate it! Its our job to help them discover themselves and unlock that hidden gift and talent with in them. Look at yourself, your calling, and then look at your families callings and skill sets. Remember the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Levites begat Levites and Benji-mites begat Benji-mites. If your family are skilled with working with their hands….hmmmm. If you come from a long line of business men, hmmmm…..if you are a 5th generation minister…find it not strange that your child ministers in church. Its what they do!! Its who they are!!!  What their linage is!!!  Affirm your children, speak life into them, break curses over them, and set them up for success.

Train up a child in the way he should go….


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