FFF – Family Time

I thoroughly enjoyed my fast this week. The fast was designed to teach and train our children, to spend time with them being the example. I honestly tried to teach my 3 yr old how to fold clothes (fail), wash dishes (fail) & clean the carpet(fail). I am no promoter of child labor but hey I was trying to create a teaching moment!!!  LOL!!!!  Now what she taught me was all that stuff can wait. Life is more than conquering your “to do” list everyday. Who cares how neat the folded clothes are when we can go outside and play!! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, it is necessary to maintain a clean and tidy house, but it is also imperative that we show our children how to enjoy life and have fun. So as we played outside, we planted some flowers, wrote letters with chalk, watered the grass, and looked at bugs as we picked up rocks.  She talked to me about school and sharing and things that excited her. It gave me the opportunity to learn how she processes things and correct as needed. Even though I had to stay up late working on my to do list, I found it a small price to pay for the valuable time I spent with her.

Not only was my time spent with her, but my husband as well. Many times our schedules are opposite. You know we turn left to go to dance, and he turns right to go to work. This week we were together. 1 Family, 1 Conversation, 3 People!!!! YAY!!!!! God is so good!!!! 

Its so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. We took a pause and realized it was much needed. Stepping away from the chore list and ESPN did my family a lot of good….How was your experience?


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