FFF Week…..hmm I have lost track…Husbands

I love my husband!!!!  I will shout that from the roof top! He is simply amazing!!! Yes, we bump heads from time to time and yes he has some ways that get on my nerves at times, but make no mistake, I love that man!!!!  He is my biggest supporter!  He backs my goals and will help me achieve them if he can! I thank GOD for my husband, flaws and all.

Now, as much love as I have for MR. Morningsongsandbedtimeprayers, one of my hardest battles is SUBMISSION!!!!  Now I know some of us consider it a profane word, I found it degrading. LOL!!! It made me feel like I have to loose all my independence. Like I was less of a person if I gave in. Hilarious right? Right!!! We know as women we can be some serious pieces of work, and our husbands try very hard not to upset us or say anything wrong that would just send us over the edge making any situation worse than it already is. Don’t lie to yourself, some of our husbands want to dwell on the roof top, Amen? Moving on….whether we want to believe it or not, they respect us, they submit to us time and time again. They are forever bowing out saying we are right…even though we usually are right? ( Don’t tell my Mr, but I am wrong sometimes).
Ladies, why can’t we submit to our husbands? Why do we degrade them with our words and our thoughts? Why do we treat them like children? (despite how they act…we thought they were grown enough to marry….I’m just saying). We are to treat everyone the way we want to be treated right? Isn’t that what the word says? No need to put the scripture, you know its the word. The word also says wives are to SUBMIT to their husbands….No need to say anything else.

Let us pray (feel free to keep going. Thats what the… is there for)
Lord, Thank you for giving my husband grace, mercy, and patience to deal with me. Thank you Lord for giving me another chance to get myself right. Continue to strengthen my spouse and help him endure the time it will take for me to transition from my current ways into the ways of you. Through this change Lord, develop our relationship…..


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