Help us not to sin against one another

In a Wednesday night Bible study I attended recently, the question was brought up about sinning against one another.

Matt 5:24; 18:21

Our homework assignment was to find out how we can sin against someone else. This was the answer.

1. Breaking the Ten Commandments

2. When your sin hurts someone else.

I had to take a moment and reflect. What sin have I done that has hurt someone? I thought about all types of scenerios:

1. Drunk Driving

2. Lying

3. Cheating

4. Stealing

5. Adultery

Sounds like the 10 Commandments right.  I truly never thought about how a lie could hurt the other person, nor did I think of how any of my actions could hurt someone unintentionally. We all know that it is not such thing as a big sin or a little sin but for the sake of this post, lets call them Major and Minor…minor being the ones that we do without the realizing it. Lying would be a little guy for me. I don’t intentionally lie but a lie is a lie none the less.

I am always promising my daughter that I will be able to do whatever “in a minute.”  The truth is it may be 5 minutes and that may turn into 15 and so on. Plain and simple, I lied to her. I knew I wouldn’t be available to be her playmate in 1 minute. I hoped I would be available in a few minutes but she is 3. She can’t tell time….but after an episode of the Fresh Beat Band, I am sure that she is aware that mommy has been at the computer for more than “a minute”, and her eyes show her disappointment.

People, I have sinned against her and several times in that scenario alone. Think of those who you have sinned against and REPENT! Then if God will have to, repent to that person.


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