Fast For Family

The very first ministry was marriage and from that stemmed family. Marriage and family is such a strong institution and its the one institution that impacts the world as a whole. Everyone came from a family be it dysfunctional, unknown, or fabulous. It Satan can attack family, he can impact the world. Readers, he is doing just that.

1 Peter 5:8 says Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

He is tearing up our families by destroying the esteem and the manhood of our husbands/sons/fathers/brothers/uncles causing them to loose sight and focus. He is playing with their emotions telling them not to feel and when they do feel let it be anger and wrath or depression and helplessness. He wants them to be anything other than the men that God has called and ordained them to be. Because he doesn’t know, he doesn’t teach and another generation follows the same cycle.

By destroying our men he impacts the women/girls/daughters/nieces/mothers/wives who seek affirmation and love from the men in their lives. He takes away our security and causes us to rely on our own independence. We are no longer docile and submissive, instead we have become callus and bitter burdened with a weight that is not ours to carry, and guess what, we pass those traits on to our children.

Those exact words may not be what is impacting you and your family but believe me Satan is seeking some way in and he plans to destroy!!!! 

Sound the alarm!!! Families, marriages, relationships are under attack!!!!!

This revelation along with many conversations with a great friend of mine lead to the birth of this awesome Women’s prayer ministry, Fast for Family. Not to leave any of my brothers in Christ out of the loop, if you want you can help us fight as well.

Let’s Wage War on the enemy!!! 

Join the fight by linking up to our Facebook Page Fast for Family and staying updated with my partner in prayer Brandi, as we post weekly instructions for the fight. 

Every Wednesday we will be given a new assignment for self, husband, child, church leadership, and a family other than our own. The fast instructions are there as well as a few health tips for fasting properly.

I hope to feel you in the spirit as we fight!!!  Don’t forget, link up!

My Partner in Prayer


Brandi Hawthorne – Prayer Warrior, Blogger, and Motivational Speaker



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