Alone in His Presence

Sunday the minister challenged me and well, I have to tell you about it. He made a point to ask how much time have we really spent in the presence of God. I know I tend to think that I spend time with him, I can’t say a good bit of time, but time just the same.  However if we think about the disciples that walked with him for those three years of his ministry, I must honestly say that I don’t spend nearly enough time with him at all. Just think, they literally were in his presence day and night. They ate with him, slept with him, talked with him and waited on him. I mean really, in all the years that I have been apart of his kingdom, I am left shaking my head at the fact that I don’t spend nearly enough time, and the time that I do spend well is does not equate to the the undivided time they had with him. The disciples didn’t have to worry about family, or food, or work. They simply followed where he led. What he said do they did. Sure there were your doubting Thomas’s and your hard headed Peter’s of it all but they truly had quality time with him.

Friends, I long to be in place where I can convene with him day and night just like that.  Now I challenge you, just how much time and what quality of time are you spending with the Lord?


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