Challenge update

I am gearing up for the 14 week Home Organization Challenge! I hope that you will join me!!!! I will share this journey with you all once is complete. I can’t wait to share!!! I have been gathering simple supplies such as baskets and hooks. I am looking at designs and seeking the most attractive but efficient design for my budget. I will also be doing some budget blogging as well. I am officially organizing my home, my life, and my family, After all you can not organize one with out the other!!!!

If you are interested in taking this journey with me and desire more details, feel free to email me at

Bible Alive 365 has been awesome!!!! I have never attempted to read the Bible for pleasure purposes before and being that I LOVE to read, I have to kick myself for not trying it sooner. It has been such a blessing for me. Now, don’t get it twisted, there is no way that I can read the KJV with all those Thou art’s LOL!!!! However I do use it to study. The Bible of my pleasure for this challenge has been The Message


Now I don’t advise this tool for study purposes and I don’t advise you take this Bible with you to church. Hmmmm how can I say it…..ah, it reads like a novel. Chapters only, no verses and the verbage is so different that you won’t be able to follow along with the KJV or NIV unless you have studied those version well. But for pleasure purposes…THIS IS IT!!! I have gotten so engrossed in reading this book that I stay up late at night and nod off during work.

If you love to read and want a few good stories of love, drama, romance, identity, salvation, deliverance, action, trickery….you name it, its all in this book!! The traditional reality shows have nothing on this!!!! And I am only in Exodus!!!

Join me today. Its not to late. Bible Alive 365!!!!!!

I will not be posting as much starting in the new year as I will be embarking on the 14 Week Home Organization Challenge and it seems that it will consume alot of time. No worries though, I will drop in on you from time to time and update you all on my status. And you know anytime I feel that God needs me to share, I will do that as well. One thing that 2012 and the daily bible readings have taught me is the benefits of being obedient. It may not give an instant gratification but the long term results will impact future generations!!


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