Final meditations

I have had a busy end of the month! My hubby and myself are both late December babies, following our celebrations, there was my grandparents anniversary, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and now New Year’s Eve! That is a lot in my book. Forgive me for not making posts.

To sum it all up the last few days of December has been about family and cherishing the things that we do have. It’s time out for complaining and bickering. Live life in contentment because all your needs are met, you are alive, and God is still blessing you beyond measure.

End 2012 with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation and enter 2013 with the same one.


Meditations days 13-18

Perfection is not what you think, its simply aligning your will with God’s.

Sometimes a baby cries because its tired and it won’t stop until you sit it down and walk away. Set things down that you can not fix and focus on the things you can.

It’s a phase, a season, a test, and it too shall pass.

One of the secrets to success is to do a common thing uncommonly well. – Mr Heinz

Challenge update

I am gearing up for the 14 week Home Organization Challenge! I hope that you will join me!!!! I will share this journey with you all once is complete. I can’t wait to share!!! I have been gathering simple supplies such as baskets and hooks. I am looking at designs and seeking the most attractive but efficient design for my budget. I will also be doing some budget blogging as well. I am officially organizing my home, my life, and my family, After all you can not organize one with out the other!!!!

If you are interested in taking this journey with me and desire more details, feel free to email me at

Bible Alive 365 has been awesome!!!! I have never attempted to read the Bible for pleasure purposes before and being that I LOVE to read, I have to kick myself for not trying it sooner. It has been such a blessing for me. Now, don’t get it twisted, there is no way that I can read the KJV with all those Thou art’s LOL!!!! However I do use it to study. The Bible of my pleasure for this challenge has been The Message


Now I don’t advise this tool for study purposes and I don’t advise you take this Bible with you to church. Hmmmm how can I say it…..ah, it reads like a novel. Chapters only, no verses and the verbage is so different that you won’t be able to follow along with the KJV or NIV unless you have studied those version well. But for pleasure purposes…THIS IS IT!!! I have gotten so engrossed in reading this book that I stay up late at night and nod off during work.

If you love to read and want a few good stories of love, drama, romance, identity, salvation, deliverance, action, trickery….you name it, its all in this book!! The traditional reality shows have nothing on this!!!! And I am only in Exodus!!!

Join me today. Its not to late. Bible Alive 365!!!!!!

I will not be posting as much starting in the new year as I will be embarking on the 14 Week Home Organization Challenge and it seems that it will consume alot of time. No worries though, I will drop in on you from time to time and update you all on my status. And you know anytime I feel that God needs me to share, I will do that as well. One thing that 2012 and the daily bible readings have taught me is the benefits of being obedient. It may not give an instant gratification but the long term results will impact future generations!!



I just finished Genesis!!!! When I say I was so shocked and thrilled that I jumped straight into Exodus with a blanket and cup of Hot Chocolate at 1am this morning.

This book has taught me so much. If I had to sum this book up in one word it would be OBEDIENCE. Genesis clearly shows you the results of obedience and disobedience from the very beginning. Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!!!! Those three alone have such awesome stories. To think we all are the seed of Abraham amazes me. I am living out a promise made such a long time ago.

Disobedience cost A&E their lives. It may not have literally killed them, but it killed them on so many other levels. It caused them to walk out of their natural design. They teach you what you were designed to do and to be and why we live the lives we live; why there is so much evil and drama in the world. Disobedience cost Able his life and Cain, well “wanderer” enough said.

Obedience is reflected best in Noah and Abraham. To go up against all odds and do what you know God told you to do despite all. Noah made a fool of himself for the Lord and Abraham was willing to sacrifice his promise. I strongly believe that he was so willing to lay Isaac down because he knew that God would provide. If he did it once, then he would do it again. God had already promised him nations. Jacob – I didn’t like him at first. He was such a con artist. But despite that, he was still the chosen. His son Joseph by far has to be my favorite character in the book. He truly defied all odds. He resisted temptation and he remained obedient and faithful. He took no credit for himself and gave all glory to God. He is an example of favor not being fair. Even in bad situations God still favored him! Amazing.

Who are we to think that we are so small that God doesn’t see us. That he doesn’t hear us or that he doesn’t understand us? He puts us in situations to protect us and to get us closer to his ultimate will and purpose for our lives. All we have to do is to remain faithful and obedient to him. Just think where we would be had these men not harkened the voice of the Lord and obeyed him!!!!

Father give us the spirit of obedience so that we may walk in your favor just as these men did. We know that you are no respecter of person and that you are willing to give us the desires of our hearts as long as we seek out your will for our lives. Help us to understand that we are in the place we are in on purpose, that it is all apart of your plan. And when we think that you have forgotten about us, help us to lift up our heads and lift up our voices and cry out to you for we know that you will hear and that you will understand and that you will soon send us a deliverer!

Enter Exodus!!!!!