Dinner for 5! A response to Creativity Arise!


Thanksgiving this year will be different for us as well. My grandmother is spending it in CCU and my mother and grandfather by her side. We are thankful that she is yet alive to see another day and that we are still able to spend another holiday with her.

My sister and I are going to embark on this journey of Thanksgiving dinner alone! I can’t wait to see how things turn out! Tomorrow sure will be fun!!!!

Share your Thanksgiving adventures with us as well!



One thought on “Dinner for 5! A response to Creativity Arise!

  1. Brandi says:

    This year was our first Thanksgiving away from home. And, not just away from home, but 8,000 miles away from home. Here on Guam, there are many individuals/families who are far, far away from home (soldiers, military contractors, missionaries, and us…lol). So, most people get together with friends/coworkers, etc. to create that family environment. A military family invited us over for dinner. All together there were probably 6 different families who participated in our potluck. Travis was the only male b/c all of their husbands are deployed all around the country. So, while it was a sad time for all us (being away from spouses, family, etc.) it was a wonderful time b/c we’re all so very blessed to be on this island, to have our children/spouses, and to have each other. We were all very thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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