Loving my Husband to Life!

Just a snip it from a blog I found on Facebook.

So, men are not lost. Men are lonely and one of the greatest, most powerful institutions of restoration for them is marriage and family. Their women stand at the pinnacle of their rescue. Their women can love them back to life because real men want nothing more than a reason to belong to something. So women, love him, like you have lost your mind. Cultivate an environment that breaks his soul and makes him collapse into your arms. Give him a touch that reminds him that life is not over yet. Look at him as though your life depends on his success. Get behind him, beside him, underneath him, and even above him when he needs to be pulled forward. But most of all, get inside of him. You will find things there that will even secure your own insecurities. Cry the tears that won’t fall from his eyes. Literally, take your tears and place them to his face. It’s been too long for him and he knows that this marriage may be the only chance he has to find his life.”

The entire article truly touched me this morning.

Lets continue to pray and lift up our marriages and spouses.


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