Its a Set Up!!!

I had a great conversation with an old Friend this past weekend and it sparked so much in me. God truly started speaking. We were simply talking about being in place and prepared for your blessings. Alot of times, I think that we allow our blessing to pass us by because we are not set up to receive them. For example, God has been telling you to get off your bottom and go back to school. You have no idea why there is a press to do it and honestly, you are just lazy and don’t want to invest the time or energy in doing it. A few months later there is an opportunity for advancement on your job, but you are not qualified for it because you did not set yourself up for that blessing. That very opportunity could have been the one to change your life. It could have set you up for the rest of your life. God set that promotion up just for you and had it ready to lay in your lap, but because you refused to prepare yourself to receive it, you forfeited it. That is alot to take in I know. We both had to pick ourselves up off the floor and repent when God finished speaking to us. Heed the voice of the Lord. Listen and obey!  It will bless you I promise.  Obedience is better than sacrifice. Decide today that this is the day that you will start setting yourself up and preparing to be blessed. What you have for us is indeed for us but only if we are ready to accept it. 

Prayer Launch:
Father, forgive us for not heeding your voice and moving out on faith when  you told us to. We have heard your voice many times and allowed our flesh to take rule. We repent today and have decided that we will set ourselves up to be blessed by you. We declare that on this day will not forfeit another blessing by being lazy or disobedient….


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