God Favors Me

Heavy with Favor

..Arise, shine for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.. Isaiah 60:1

Notice that today’s verse doesn’t say that the glory of the Lord is going to come on you one day. It doesn’t say, “ Maybe when the economy gets better, when you graduate from college, or when you get that good break.” No, it says God’s glory is already on you!

The word “glory” in the original language indicates that God’s favor, blessing and splendor is on you in a heavy way. It’s something that is tangible and has weight. Think about it this way. You are not less than, intimidated or weak: you are heavy with God’s favor. You are dripping with God’s goodness. Your attitude should be, “There’s no telling what’s in my future I am weighted down not with burdens, not with problems. I am weighted down with the favor of God.”

When you really understand that you are heavy with favor, then it’s easy to be heavy with expectations. It’s easy to believe for big things when you knew God has favored you in a big way. It’s time for you to arise. It’s time for you to shine. Let that sink down into your spirit today because it’s time for you to arise and shine because His glory, His favor is heavy upon you!

This was sent to me as an email today and I am absolutely thrilled about it. I have this thing about FAVOR. I love it so much that I wanted to name my daughter Favor! Needless to say her father didn’t like Favor as a name LOL! None the less, I used to get bothered when it seemed like I was the one who “deserved” something because I qualified for it and it was given to someone else. It was these moments that my mother used to instill ” Favor isn’t fair” in me. Once we understand that we are favored of the Lord, we can delight in the good news of his favor not being fair. Its truly to our benefit!!! We should not have “stolen” that $250,000 home for $105,000 but the favor of the Lord….we should not have received the promotion when we had no experience, but the favor of the Lord….our spouses could have chosen someone else, but the favor of the Lord…you could be reading another blog, but the favor of the Lord….GOD’S FAVOR !!!!!

Think about how he has favored you in your life, how he has moved mountains on your behalf simply because he loves you. He favors you simply because you have found him. (Prov 8:35; Prov 3:1-4)

Prayer Launch:
Father Thank you for your wonderful favor! We are so undeserving of it but you continue to give it to us anyway. We know that your favor is not fair and we praise you for it. We are so glad that you are not like man and despite how we treat you, you still treat us just the same…..


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