Team work

There are many parts that make up a team. I am sure that you have looked around at many of your team mates, or co-workers or even family members and thought why are they here with me or am I adopted, are they adopted LOL! I know I have. What has recently been revealed me is that the differences of people is what makes up the entire team. Every joint supplies, everyone has a job to do. There is a purpose for every personality. The best example I have heard yet is one that was given by Pastor Sean Dogan of Long Branch Baptist Church Greenville, SC. Jesus called the disciples while they were all doing different things. Some were fisher men, casting their nets, others were mending the nets, behind the scenes and some had the aweome task of being the social butterfly who actually gathered the people. There is a purpose for you no matter what you do or what type of personality that you have. There is a place for you in the kingdom and there is definitely something that you are suppossed to be doing. If it were not so, then why were you created?

Despise not small beginnings and love yourself for who God created you to be. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.


Be Encouraged,



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