A Thousand Words

Today my family and I watched A Thousand Words with Eddie Murphy and Kerri Washington. We initially thought that it would be a silly movie and by no way impact our lives, but we were wrong. The movie is about a man whose words are limited to the leaves on a tree. With every word he speaks or writes a leaf falls from the tree. When all the leaves fall from the tree, he will die. I will leave the movie description to that.

In so many ways this movie spoke truth, not just about words but about actions as well. Your words have the power to create or destroy. The very words out of your mouth will cause someone’s tree to grow a leaf, in turn adding life to them, or it will cause leaves to fall off the tree, limiting their life span. Not only that, but there are certain behaviors like honoring our parents that can cause leaves to fall off our very own trees. You shall know a tree by the fruit that it bears ( ). How is your tree looking today? Is it full and gorgeous producing much fruit? Is it a place of shelter, refuge? Does it provide sustenance, food for others? Is it bear, beaten, malnourished? Are your leaves so limited that the remainder of your life is evident? Are you dying? Are you limiting yourself by the words out of your mouth and your actions? What does your life say about you?


I thank you for the revelation that you have shown us today. Thank you for reminding us that our words have the power to limit not just our life but the lives of someone else. Help us to make wise choices in the words that we speak. Give us strategic words to say that will add value to someone’s life as well as our very own. Your word says that we know a tree by the fruit that it bears. Lord, we want to be trees that bear bountiful fruits of righteousness, holiness, purity, all things that you are. We want to look like you. Lord prune us back so that we shall grow. Remove any dead leaves and limbs from our trees. Till up the ground of our hearts Lord so that we will be able to receive your word, the seed that you want to plant there for us. Remove anything from us in this season Master that will hinder us from growing and walking in purpose on purpose in the next season…..






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