Falling in love with his beauty

There are numerous reason why I love the season of Fall. My favorite has to be the romance of the season. I love going to the mountains and taking in the absolute gorgeous view of all the changing leaves, the colors, the clouds/crisp air, and lets not forget the apple orchard! All of that makes me want to snuggle close to my hubby and sip on some apple cider as he serenades me! I can’t wait to go to the mountains this year!!!!!

God creates the most beautiful things here on earth! Nature itself is a testimony to just how good God is, just how creative he is, and how much he loves beauty. In talking to one of my friends, I was told that fall is the beginning stages of death. That sort of bothered me and then I remembered, that for those of us who are in Christ, to die is to live. If you have ever experienced someone preparing to pass away, it can be a beautiful experience. The transitions they go through, the closure they seek and receive, the way they prepare all things around them. When my great grandmother passed away a year ago last week, I was hurt because we were close, however we had the best conversations together. I understood her so much more and though it was hard to let her go, it was my absolute pleasure to allow her to go back to her creator and an absolute blessing to have been able to spend 95+ years with her. For me her transition was beautiful. Just like the leaves on the trees, she became part of the beauty of his creation.

Take some time today to look at the things around you and find the beauty of God in them all.


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