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Praying in faith moves the heart of God, take a moment to pray right now: 

Gracious God, I pray that You would help _____ control his(her) anger, since anyone who is angry with a brother will be subject to judgment.

If _____ holds anything against one of his(her) siblings, would You prompt him(her) to go and be reconciled so that he(she) may have fellowship with You.  ~Amen (Matthew 5:22-24)

~Praying Scripture:  One moment, One prayer , One life changed by the power of God’s Word~

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Barking with no teeth!

Barking with No Teeth!


You are walking down the street humming your favorite tune and observing the beauty in the season of Fall, when suddenly you hear a rumbling in a near by yard. You turn to see what the noise is and suddenly you see a dog jump the fence and start coming towards you. You prepare to run.. (PAUSE)

Q: Why do we run from dogs?
A: Because we assume that they have teeth and that they can hurt us, bite us, cause us to bleed, and cause us to develop the dreadful phobia of being terrified of dogs!!!

Now picture that same dog running towards you with no teeth at all. He can’t do anything to you. I mean maybe pee on you, or at worse, gum you to sheer laughter!!! Once you realize that he has no teeth, you see him for who he really is, not a threat!!!

My friends, this is a great view of Satan. He is a barking dog with no teeth. Making a lot of noise but with no bite! See we already have the victory and we all ready have the power over him. So all he can do to us is appear to be that dog that can cause hurt and ultimately give us a spirit of fear. Now we all know that “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7) This scripture alone kills that whole scared of Satan pitch!

So today, I challenge you to see him for who he really is, a barking dog with no teeth. Just a little yipper making a ton of noise and getting on every ones nerves, appearing to be the big dog on the block, that is until he opens his mouth!!!! Always trying to be what he is not. This is the same reason he was kicked out of heaven, trying to be as God is.

These scriptures clearly tell us who he is: (The Adversary 1 Pet 5:8; The Devil Rev 12:9; The Serpent Gen 3; The Father of Lies John 8:44; The deceiver) He is a great con-artist, intelligent, powerful, resourceful, persistent, and an Angel of Light (2 Cor 11:14 ). He is evil, wicked, full of pride, cruel, cowardly, and selfish. He wants nothing more than to have you suffer with him! He really and truly could care less about you and he already knows that his days are numbered and that he is defeated. He was defeated years ago on the cross, that’s when Jesus snatched those teeth LOL! Ultimately SATAN IS A PUNK!!!!

Remember who God is: I AM THAT I AM!!! This says it all right here. Whatever you want him to be he already is…protector, strong tower, healer, defender, nurturer, lover, compassionate, trusting, loving, honesty, diligent, patient, humble, servant, giving, caring, forgiving, sacrificing…the list can go on and on.

I also challenge you to stand up in who you are The Righteousness of God (2 Cor 5:21), Joint Heir (Rom 8:17), Justified (Rom 8:30), Redeemed (Gal 3:13), Victorious (1 John 5:4)….Trust there is so much more that you are!!!! Just take a moment and find yourself in his word. Who does he say that you are? Stand on his promises for he is an unfailing God. His word can not return to him void!

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world!!!! I am so excited!!!!!

Prayer Launch:
THANK YOU JESUS for dying on the cross for my sins. You really could have came down at any moment and called legions of angels but you did not because you care for me. You want me to prosper, you want the best for me. You know my ending as well as my beginning and I trust you. Thank you so much for defeating the enemy and giving me the keys to the kingdom. No matter what the enemy try’s to throw my way, I know that I shall not be harmed because you have placed a shield of protection around me. Even when I am at my breaking point Lord, I know that I will not break because you have already told me that you would never put more on me than I can bear. I know that I am everything that you say I am because I am your child and you are my father. Thank you for adopting me into your kingdom and with that making me a Joint heir with you. All that you have, I have because you are in me and I am in you….

Saved by the Water

Today I had the opportunity to sit down and spend some time with God. Normally I am on the go and though we spend time together, its not like taking time out to be still and seek him out.

I read 1&2 Peter tonight and there was so much that stood out to me in those books. I had one scripture that was really pressing on me and I just have to share it.

1 Pet 3:20 (MSG) “You know, even though God waited patiently all the days that Noah built his ship, only a few were saved then, eight to be exact—saved from the water by the water.”

Saved from the water by the water!!!!  It just kept ringing in my head over and over. I had to go back and read the passage several times. The very thing that was meant to destroy us is the very thing that pushes us, carries us, catapults us to the place we are meant to be. Once again God has favored us because we trusted and believed in him.  That is amazing to me. I have been saved from the water, by the water. Thank you Jesus!!!!

Prayer Launch: Lord, sometimes we take for granted the fact that you promised to make our enemies our footstools. Thank you for reminding us of that today. You want nothing but the best for us and from us. All you have ever asked of us was for our lives and that you can have, for we know that to die in Christ is to gain eternal life. Thank you for making a bad situation the very thing that we needed to get us back on course with you. We know that you are no respecter of person and if you can save Noah from the water by the water then you can do the very same thing for us…..

Challenged to Change

“If it doesn’t challenge you then it probably won’t change you.”

Borrowed from Maurice N.

This is a challenge all on its own. Are we truly being challenged to become better people, better parents, better spouses? Are we daily pressing toward the mark? Are we being held accountable for our actions?

Prayer Launch:
Lord, show us how to become more like you. Reveal the areas in our lives that need to be improved and place a challenger in our lives to challenge and hold us accountable. Thank you for giving us another chance to get things right with you. Thank you for allowing your word to challenge the very lives we live, our mind sets, our standards, our culture……

God Favors Me

Heavy with Favor

..Arise, shine for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.. Isaiah 60:1

Notice that today’s verse doesn’t say that the glory of the Lord is going to come on you one day. It doesn’t say, “ Maybe when the economy gets better, when you graduate from college, or when you get that good break.” No, it says God’s glory is already on you!

The word “glory” in the original language indicates that God’s favor, blessing and splendor is on you in a heavy way. It’s something that is tangible and has weight. Think about it this way. You are not less than, intimidated or weak: you are heavy with God’s favor. You are dripping with God’s goodness. Your attitude should be, “There’s no telling what’s in my future I am weighted down not with burdens, not with problems. I am weighted down with the favor of God.”

When you really understand that you are heavy with favor, then it’s easy to be heavy with expectations. It’s easy to believe for big things when you knew God has favored you in a big way. It’s time for you to arise. It’s time for you to shine. Let that sink down into your spirit today because it’s time for you to arise and shine because His glory, His favor is heavy upon you!

This was sent to me as an email today and I am absolutely thrilled about it. I have this thing about FAVOR. I love it so much that I wanted to name my daughter Favor! Needless to say her father didn’t like Favor as a name LOL! None the less, I used to get bothered when it seemed like I was the one who “deserved” something because I qualified for it and it was given to someone else. It was these moments that my mother used to instill ” Favor isn’t fair” in me. Once we understand that we are favored of the Lord, we can delight in the good news of his favor not being fair. Its truly to our benefit!!! We should not have “stolen” that $250,000 home for $105,000 but the favor of the Lord….we should not have received the promotion when we had no experience, but the favor of the Lord….our spouses could have chosen someone else, but the favor of the Lord…you could be reading another blog, but the favor of the Lord….GOD’S FAVOR !!!!!

Think about how he has favored you in your life, how he has moved mountains on your behalf simply because he loves you. He favors you simply because you have found him. (Prov 8:35; Prov 3:1-4)

Prayer Launch:
Father Thank you for your wonderful favor! We are so undeserving of it but you continue to give it to us anyway. We know that your favor is not fair and we praise you for it. We are so glad that you are not like man and despite how we treat you, you still treat us just the same…..

Safe Under His Wings

This was sent to me in an email today. I was so moved I had to share.



The photographer caught this special moment
What a privilege to see.

Reminds me of Psalm
He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with
his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.