Want vs. Need



I have seriously been dealing with Ps 23:1 The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. I shall not want…but I do want. I want alot of things. Something is wrong with this picture. What God has shown me so far is this….I have, but evidently it is not enough, or atleast I feel that is it not enough. What is it that I want? What is it that I need? I need food, shelter, transportation, clothes, and employment. I have all of those things. I want a better car, a better job, more food, more clothes, better clothes, more shoes, more purses, more music, the latest technology…gosh, this list can go on and on….ON and ON…sounds like excess to me.

God has clearly stated that he shall supply my needs. He also states that if I delight myself in him, he would give me the desires of my heart. To desire is to want. The problem is not that you want, but what you want. Should we desire material things?

Ps 34:10 says that no good thing will he withold from those who seek the Lord.

Ps107:9 says that he satisfies the thirsty and the hungry he fills with good things

So what is wrong with what we want? Do we want what God wants for us or for what we see others with? Do we want the world, what they have? Is our flesh controlling our desires or are we controlling our flesh, making it submit to the will of the Father?

It is not wrong to have what the world has, the wealth of the wicked is indeed laid up for the just, but that should not be our hearts desire. Right?



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