Day Starter

Do you remember when you were in school and before class would start the teacher would have a day starter on the board? It was an assignment, maybe 3 questions for you to think about or for you to respond to and turn in? The purpose of doing those was to get the mind focused on the subject at hand, to free it of any unnecessary “clutter” from the bus/car ride, hallway drama, or the previous class. It seemed pointless but it was needed.

How many times has God wanted to be the start of our day but we said it was pointless? Matt 6:33 says to seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God….See he wants to start your day and why not let him? after all he already knows how it is going to end.

I have been pondering on ways to start my day with Jesus. Here are a few suggestions:

~Alarm set to radio – Christian Station ( there is nothing like Praise and Worship! Its an awesome way to start the day. Getting right into his presence)
~Prayer and Thanksgiving (verbal or written, alone or with the family)
~Reading the bible or devotions
~Reading the word of God you have placed on your wall or on your mirror

And just in case you can’t fit this into your wake-up routine, or if you are a night owl like me and just waking up is a task, pray and sing on the drive to work, or to drop the kids off at school. Either way you do it or whatever you do, let is start and end with GOD!!!

Prayer Starter:
Lord you are so amazing! Everyday you present us with a gift that we are so undeserving of and we often times take it for granted. Today we say no more. Today we will put you at the start of our day before anything is able to distract and deter us….

Good Morning!


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