Stretch Marks

While I was away on vacation this last week, I took the time to read a Christian Fiction Novel, Truth be Told by Victoria Christopher Murray. Let me start off by saying that it is a great book and it sparked so much conversation between my husband and I.

Part of the book talks about stretch marks on the heart and it really stuck with me. Just in case you decide to read the book I won’t go into any detail about the book but I will share with you my reflections.

Most women think of stretch marks during pregnancy, when the body is making room for the growing child inside us, or whenever there is significant weight gain causing the skin to stretch and tear resulting in a scar known as the dreadful stretch mark. I never thought about having a stretch mark anywhere else and especially not on my heart but today I am glad to say that I have them there too.

Sometimes things happen in life that hurt us but these same hurts when dealt with properly causes us to stretch and grow. Our hearts are torn from trying to stretch to handle so much hurt and pain that it leaves a mark and usually that is all we can see, the ugly scar. But we never look at the growth or the expansion in our hearts that took place. Now our hearts have more room to love and to care for others that are or have gone through the same experiences we have/had. Scars are a way to open the door to conversation and sharing of testimonies about how good God has been to us, how he has brought us out, how he is faithful…

Today I am proud to have stretch marks on my heart because it shows growth and production. It shows that something was there and that I allowed it to work in me and through me just as a baby does in the womb. I allowed God to process it and stretch me to capacity. Its my testimony and I have scars to prove it. I am not sorrowful of them but glad that he chose me to send through the fire because he knew that I could make it back out.

Even though we would like for our natural stretch marks to fade and go away, we can’t make them because they are a reflection of the changes and growth that we have had. Embrace the stretch marks on your heart and allow God to continue stretching you.

Forever bouncing back


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