Get Your House In Order


Pastor Kevin and First Lady Tracy Shelton are the Pastors and Founders of Doers’s of the Word Ministries in Gray Court SC. Her post is right in line with our monthly theme of Discipline: Check it out:

God has ordained the theme “Getting Your House in Order” for our ministry this year and oh, what a journey it’s been. Who would have known God would get all in and through every aspect of my house, my ministry, my past, present and future? Develop this He says, get rid of that, open yourself up here, stretch to the max there. One thing about God is that He’s thorough in what He does and desires us to be the same. The God kind of discipline far exceeds our humanity because His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. He told me, “I want to stretch you so far that there is no way you can possibly return to your old form.” Scary? Yes it is!

In the beginning of Genesis, there was chaos- lack of order and God began calling forth order. Discipline for me has been the call to order of all that which was in a state of rebellion. The World English Dictionary defines discipline so well: systematic training in obedience to regulations and authority. God has given us a set of instructions to be carried out and we have a tendency to do them when and however we want. In my quiet time with God, He’s revealing all the hidden areas and “golden calves” I need to give Him access to. Every area that I’m doing my own thing in is up for evaluation.


Father God, I come before you admitting that I have rebelled against the order you have ordained for my life. I have held back parts of myself as if You aren’t an all knowing God. I’ve hidden from You because I didn’t want discipline Your way. Discipline doesn’t feel good but I know deep down that it’s so necessary. This process has been one where I feel completely vulnerable because I’m no longer in control. Help me to fully submit to your Will. As You call forth the things that aren’t pleasing to You, I declare that I will willingly lay them on the altar. As a matter of fact I will willing lay my life on the altar so that I can truly become a living sacrifice.

I prophesy to every area of my life that’s not in order: You shall line up with God’s regulations and authority! In the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen.
-Lady T

Doers of The Word


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