Tomorrow very well might be too late

So I have been singing the song “Tomorrow” by the Winans and then I sit at my desk and read a devotional on Procrastination right after I decided to make this month’s focus Discipline. How does this all tie together? I am so glad that you asked.

Tomorrow, forget about tomorrow, won’t you give your life today, Oh Please, Don’t just turn and walk away, Tomorrow, Tomorrow is not promised, Don’t let this moment slip away, Your tomorrow very well might be today.”

I am so guilty of pushing stuff of until “later,” and then it seems like later never comes. My intentions are always good and I really do know that I need to do it but to be completely honest, I have just gotten so lazy. I am in a wedding in 2 months and I have been telling myself that I was going to loose weight Since January. Here it is the end of July and I have yet to do anything about it. I will tell myself that I am going to read my bible “later”, I will pray “later”, I will wash dishes “later”, I will clean the carpet “later.” I am so tired of sounding like the person the Winans were speaking of.

What is so wrong with doing it right now, in this moment? This is a moment that I will never have again. This is a season that I may never have again.

Ecc 3:1 (NLT) – For everything there is a season, and a time for every activity under heaven

My mother used to always tell me that you should do things in the season they are meant to be done in or else you will always be trying to catch up. For example, there is a set season for school, the Academic year, and then there is the season for a break, summer. If you focus on school during the school year then you can enjoy your summer. If you put off doing your school work, you fail the class and then you spend your summer (your period of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment) trying to learn what you should have learned in its appropriate season. It is so much harder to do school work during the summer. Why? Because it is out of season. Its not what you are meant to be doing at that time.

But God loves us and he knows that we will mess up, that we will procrastinate, that we will disobey and for those reasons he allows grace and mercy to follow us. God shows his mercy by allowing us to redo the things that we put off for so long in another season or by extending the season. He shows his grace by giving us the strength to complete it.

Why do we not do things when we have the unction or the thought to do them? Why must we push things off to another day? Why aren’t our Tomorrow’s our Todays?

Today, I make a change and say that I will no longer operate out of season or on my own timing but the timing that God has for me. I will head to his voice and learn to listen and learn to move when he says so. I want to be all that I can be in him.

Learning to MAXIMIZE my potential daily,



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